no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Duly noted.

Ted and I had a talk today. I don't speak about him much on here and I don't intend to start. But I just wanted to say that he is a good person for me to have in my life, and I am very blessed. There are aspects of me that would upset other people or in some cases did, and he doesn't mind them. And I don't get the sense that he is just hiding his true feelings and putting on some big act either. I think he really *does* understand, and that's what you want the people you love to do. To understand you.

I always thought Dead Guy did pretty well at that also, for a few years, except we were very young and both of us insecure, and substances and mental shit eventually got in the way. But when you got rid of all that shit, he "got" me too.

I see other people going on and on on LJ about issues with their partners, and it's hard for me to understand sometimes because if it's just something once in a while, OK, understandable, it can be worked out. But some people are like, having an issue per day. And I wonder, do they really enjoy that? Do they think that's what "love" is? I know some people need a certain amount of conflict in their life to be comfortable or to blow off steam...but for me it is so much nicer when I don't have to deal with that. Every day I have to listen to shit from the world at large, from weird friends, from whack jobs on message boards or lists or LJ, in the newspapers. It is so much nicer not to get shit from the person who you live part of your daily life with.

I am sure he will do something to get on my nerves before the week is out, so I just wanted to write this down before I forgot about it :) and because I don't talk about our life together cuz it is generally PRIVATE.
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