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Coming out of zee closet!

This morning getting dressed for work I grabbed some linen shirt out of the dry cleaning and put it on in a hurry. Tonight when I took it off, I noticed the Tweeds label in it and thought, "Holy cow, that shirt is O-L-D" because I haven't bought anything from Tweeds since, like, the early 90's and in fact I think they went out of business years ago. I remember in the mid-80's we all ("we all" being the lower-to-middle class often-broke thrift-store-shoppin' suburban kids we were then) thought that the Tweeds catalog, with its weird color names like "puce" and "cerulean" and its moody photos of andro-euro models, was just the Epic Height of Fashion As We Knew It. I can remember many covetous evenings spent lusting after things I didn't have the money to pay for, or rather, had the money for only one or two things not ten and couldn't decide which two I wanted and of course by the time I both had the money and made a decision, the stuff I wanted in the colors I wanted was usually sold out. I particularly remember a very expensive (for those times) brown sandwashed silk field jacket---I carried its picture around for months when I was like 22 and I never did get it. At this point I could probably handsew myself one if I felt like spending the time. Meh. Big if.

Anyway, Tweeds was a damn long time ago in my life. I can remember having conversations about it with people I stopped speaking to literally years ago, put it that way. And I didn't think anything I had from there would fit anymore.

After racking my brains I realized that this was probably the same linen shirt that I got around 1993, just after I moved to this house, when I spent an afternoon clearing poison sumac out of the yard without realizing what it was and the next day got this rash on my arms, so I wore the new long-sleeved linen shirt to work to cover it up, and then discovered that sumac makes blisters which oozed through the the whole thing went off to the dry cleaner. And apparently when it came back I never wore it again, and it proceeded to hang in a forgotten closet for about the next 12 years, till I apparently grubbed it out and sent it to the dry cleaner again and I ended up wearing it today. I wonder what old memory I will trip over next? I hope I don't break my neck when I trip :P
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