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Off-topic of anything I am doing today, but still

Found this article on married couples who don't live together some place and laughed because it reminded me of the time before law school, when I asked our insurance company about possibly getting renter's insurance after I moved to my own apartment near school, and the insurance saleslady responded with "Ohhh, I'm sorry," and it took me ten seconds to figure out why in hell she would be "sorry" about me going back to school.

Understandable response on her part, I guess, but still Idiotic with a capital I.

Speaking of I, I guess it says a lot about me that I find absolutely nothing amiss about married people who don't live in the same residence at least part of the time, especially when we all know couples where one or both halves are on the road so much it's like they don't live at home anyway. What I do find weird and a little sick are those couples who live together mostly because one or the other can't afford to move out.
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