no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Random Happy Things!!

- That church on the corner, the one all the presidents said a post-inaugural prayer in except Nixon (And Look What Happened to Him!) just rang its noon bells and its carillion is super high-pitched and tinkly and sounded like "Strawberry Letter #23".

- A couple nights ago must have been Lightning Bug Singles' Night in my yard. I never saw so much flashing in my life (not counting when whatsisname forgets to draw the blinds before scratching his butt, heh). Seriously, two or three glowy spots were lighting at once. I'm so glad I live in a 'hood that has lightning bugs again, because I never saw any in Columbia. They probably spray for them there. But no orange ones. Nebraska and I think maybe Virginia have orange ones, or maybe it was Canada? These were all green. Oh, how I wish I too had a little built-in glow stick in my tail end. I used to catch jars of them when I was little---they didn't bite, which was so cool. It was so exciting to get one, or two, or five, and watch them lighting up in their little jar like a flashlight. I'd let them go the next day, of course. I remember I got so mad at a friend once when I was about 23 because he didn't like them and smashed one on the sidewalk. I wanted to smash HIM on the sidewalk. Lightning bugs rule!!

- I TOTALLY need a color printer so I can print this 13-piece Hearse playset out and put it together---and it's FREE!! How cool is that? Very cool!! There's a bunch more free paper goth toys at . (Link courtesy of fish_go_pook on puppet_blood.)
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