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Much as I hate to do it, I think I'm gonna have to move scotusblog over to my other blog site. Since Goldstein initiated the new "discussion format" I'm getting about sixty bazillion commentary posts that I couldn't give two hoots about. I appreciate that the man wants to get hits to his blog and become THE VOICE OF THE SUPREME COURT and all that crap but I just don't have time for all the hot air.

Edited to add, OK it's gone and believe me, I feel like the journal just had a good laxative. Y'know, I find law interesting and all that, but these people who seem to be able to gab about it for hours on end just freak me the fock out. Don't they have lives? I fear for some, the law IS their lives, like some kind of ersatz priesthood. I prefer the people who can condense the whole business into two sentences and then go partake of some fun hobby. Would rather save my long-winded discussions for Wilco :-)
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