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just realized that in my rush to get out of town last week, i missed a second chance to see the "930 F Street" documentary. aside from the fact that i didn't have any time to go to the movies at that point, i'm just as happy i missed/forgot about it because i would have felt a need to go and, eh, uh, i think i'd rather just see that movie in a regular showing someplace or on a DVD and not have to stand around at some "anniversary" or "event" laden with pretentious nostalgia. the thing about Cle-vents is, it's not Pretentious nostalgia, because nobody grows up to be Ian MacKaye. That's not a comment on Ian's pretention or lack thereof, it's just that people around here naturally Grow Up to Be Somebody or Go Someplace Else, whereas if you manage to Go Someplace Else from back home it's usually in the sense of Running Away Like Hell as opposed to just casually moseying off to Yale, the Left Coast, Africa, etc. as is normal in the grande scheme of things in 9:30 land.

i think the b'more set have a much better grasp on it as i saw a bunch of them were running "marble bar reunion night", not in the marble bar (which if it exists anymore has probably been restored to yuppiefied splendor) but in some warehouse on a hwy somewhere. if they do another one, i should go and see thee katatonix do "daisy chain" one more time. i wonder if their gfs still go around in those new yorky lookin' poodle skirts?
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