no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Good trips.

Despite how tired I am and how much I have been dragging my feet through their paces this whole busy month, the last couple days have had a positive effect. I may post more about them, locked, later. For right now, let's just say I've become more aware of some ways in which I have been engaging in self-defeating thinking. I intend to root this out as quickly as possible. My life at this point is about Rooting out---unnecessary belongings, distant/ unhelpful/ untrustworthy people, and unhealthy thinking.

I'm not a vocal proponent of "positive thinking" or "avoiding negative thoughts" in the sense of people trying to beat their disturbances by slapping a happy face on everything, or exchanging nothing but stupid pleasantries everywhere they go. That sort of sweeping-under-the-rug often seems to come out, if not in outright lunacy a la Mr. Cruise, in very childish forms of passive-aggressiveness. I know we all have our days of feeling childlike and vulnerable, but seeing 30-40-50 year olds publicly acting like they're 15 makes most of us who didn't enjoy being 15 in the first place just go ugggghhhh. But based on my own experience, I find that adjusting your thinking habits can help a lot as far as getting you from point A to point B in life with less upset. Sometimes it's just too hard to think your way around something, especially when someone else seems committed to the idea of creating a disturbance on a regular basis. At that point, you may need to prune that person out of your life. But when it's just your own head getting in your way, there's nothing to prune but your thoughts. To promote growth.
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