no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Here Comes the Grump

Everybody was annoyed about playing tag. Certain parts of my body hurt. I don't want to deal with the weird cables the laptop takes to connect to the I-net. The errant hamster, who has been masking-taped in to prevent another jailbreak, has taken to flooding his cell with the water bottle---I can't figure out how he does this as it doesn't leak and he must be squeezing it somehow---he manages to get ALL the litter in the cage sopping wet and then takes a few chips and all of his seeds and moves into the skybox and won't come down. The cats are climbing things and yowing and I want to smack them and throw them out the window. And, not only can I not log into MyAss, but the idiots working there have a message up asking me to "please bare with us" (sic) until it is fixed. HEY BOZO I HOPE YOU FIX THE SERVER BETTER THAN YOU SPEEL.

Done and out.
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