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In an effort to bring some structure and focus into my music-listenin' life, which is about as chaotic as most of the rest of my life right now (Ten pounds shit + Five pound bag = All ten fingers in the dyke), I'm considering forcing myself to listen to like, one single artist for an entire month. And then the next month moving on to the next artist on the list. The downside is that 12 artists a year sounds like very little. The upside is that it's probably about 9 more than I'm managing to explore at this point.

Has anyone else ever tried anything similar?

There's a part of me that longs to be Neat, Organized, and Responsible. There's another part of me that would love to live out of a backpack and every morning roll out of bed in a room that looks like a cyclone hit it and throw the CD on, drink dat coffee, and pick something off the floor to wear. I'd say right now I'm hitting the ball right down the middle in between the two. Sometimes I toy with the idea of moving in with somebody like derekfz (platonically of course) and living the Boring Life but with music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am sure I would get sick of it and feel trapped inside of two months and jet my ass off to Seattle or something, but at the same time, if I ever lose job again or something Major happens I might well land on yer doorstep. :P
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