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oh, by the way...

this comment is for whoever needs to read it

i'm tempted to make it a "sticky" but i'll just let it go by like i let a lot of things "go by"

if you are not my good friend, and yet you have some need/urge/whim/compulsion to make pointed remarks about not being stuck in the past and looking to the future and all that, you better stay away from me 'cuz i'mma kick your ass.

i'll deal with the past in EXACTLY what way i want to deal with it, with the people who deal with it with me, and who HELP me. and i need neither your judgments nor your cheerleading, nor any references to anything that you have absolutely no call talking about because you weren't there, nor any references by your friends to things that they weren't helpful with at the time and would be better off keeping their mouths shut about now.

thank you

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