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This news story made me chuckle because of its title (bad_bees . . . is that an LJ name waiting to happen, or what?) and also because it reminded me that when I was little I used to see maps in the paper showing the projected spread of Africanized Killer Bees from south to north over the years, and I used to worry that HUGE SWARMS OF BEES were going to attack and kill everybody, sort of like Hitch's "The Birds" only with Bees:

Things I worried about when I was a child:
- The Spread of Killer Bees
- Tornadoes
- Fires in general
- Indians shooting fire arrows into houses (I saw this on a western once and it made me scared of Indians, which was sort of a problem given that in Nebraska one would frequently meet or see actual real Native Americans)
- Lightning striking our house and setting it on fire (direct result of this Lassie episode I saw involving a cabin on top of a mountain catching fire in this manner)
- Reddy Kilowatt popping out of the electrical sockets and attacking me
- Nuclear war
- Planes crashing into our house in the night
- My dad having a heart attack (actually happened twice)
- Scary things coming on the TV without warning, like this deodorant commercial with scary music and fun house mirror people...or that episode of the original Star Trek with a hand flying out of space...or EBS tests which always scared the crap out of me
- Throwing up in public (happened numerous times, i have a bad stomach)
- Getting yelled at by the mean nun who gave me piano lessons
- Getting yelled at by my mom (this is because my mom was real moody when I was little and I had no idea wtf was ever going to set her off minute to minute. it probably explains my EXTREME dislike of moody people now)
- Not getting the toys I wanted for holidays
- Getting yelled at by my dad for wanting toys (I guess when he was little he was poor or something)
- Rats coming up out of the toilet while I was using it
- Being scratched on the chest by the cat and thinking it had somehow stabbed me in the heart
- The scary imaginary guy in the paint chip on the wall
- Shriners and Clowns (they scared me - I think this dates back to a parade I saw with my parents when I was like 2 and there were a lot of these people around making a fuss over me and I got nervous even though one of the nice old shriner men gave me a dollar which back then was a lot of money. I tore it up later.)
- My pets getting sick/dying/killed or my mom giving them away (This also happened a number of times)
- The kid next door who, when he was about 13 and I was 5, threatened to light my hair on fire with matches. later he got sent to reform school, good fucking riddance
- My parents fighting. Before Daddy got sick, my gosh could they yell. Fortunately this didn't happen too often and my mom would make a point of explaining to me that no, Daddy and her weren't going to break up just because they had a fight. I still didn't like it though. It made my tummy hurt.

If I think of any more dumb things I was scared of as a kid I'll add 'em.
People need to realize that the world can be an anxiety-ridden place for kids though. I don't think most people understand that, or maybe they just don't care. "Here, read a Maurice Sendak book and you'll get over it in a minute! He understands and expresses all your deepest Id-ridden fears!" YEAH RIGHT.

Then again, I have this real strange urge to get a copy of "Higgledy Piggledy Pop! or There Must Be More to Life" and read it, right now.
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