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Happy Friday!!

friday and GRRRREAT weather!
here comes the mighty bunnyvan lumberin' atcha over a pile of CDs...


happy bday to everybody having one this week. man there are a lot of you. was nine months back from this date a holiday or just so boring that 'rents made up for

(p.s. has anybody but me noticed that LJ photohosting has almost unnavigable menus and makes the simple act of posting a picture about 1,000 times more complex than it has to be by including 400 options for making captions and so forth "idiot proof"? which is why i just post the pictures from the farging link where they are, rather than using the "post a picture" option...just finding the right menu to delete shite out of the gallery apparently requires a brain wired differently from mine. LOLzers!)
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