no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

i'm a sucker for happy endings...

Sometimes Endings aren't so bad, when they clear the way for New Beginnings.

Now wasn't that just unbelievably Hallmark-cliched? Dontcha just want to throw up? :P

I usually think endings suck. I sit up till 3 am sometimes, not because I'm not sleepy or have insomnia, but simply because I just don't want the day to end. Endings are like when you knock over a vase and break it. If you liked the vase, then you're sad at losing it. Even if you didn't like the vase and are secretly glad to see it go, you still have a mess to sweep up.

It's only after the debris is cleared away and the table the vase sat on sold at the flea market or put into storage, that you can start thinking what, if anything, you might put in that empty corner instead...or just enjoy the space as it is.

Sometimes it takes quite a long time to decide what you want to do with the space. Sometimes nothing really works and you end up having to move. And all the time in the back of your mind you're mad because if the damn vase hadn't broken, you wouldn't have to be dealing with all this.

When I was really young, I read, in regards to life's changes, that "it's easy to let go of a nickel when someone is handing you a $100 bill." The problem is that sometimes you don't GET the $100 bill or not right away. Sometimes what you get is more like the barn full of manure that might have a pony in there somewhere. Optimism requires a shit load of energy to the point where you'd rather just have the dang nickel back, hell with the pony or the $100 bill.


Maybe some endings are good. At least, after a while, they don't feel too bad.

That is all.
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