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Blargh and whee.

It's insanely sunny here again. Yuck!
I was awakened at 9 am by a neighbor standing in the street and yelling obscenities for ten minutes. I guess somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. There are days when living among rednecks lacks charm, all right.
Then, because I stupidly stayed up till 3 am hunting down a place online that sells KWO bears, I fell back to sleep and overslept (literally till noon) and missed church, however I made it the last four weeks so I don't feel too terrible about that. I suppose the next step is to find out where the five o'clock masses are. I'm pretty sure Mother Theresa's order, a chapter of which is not too far away, has one, but I have to figure out where in the twisty maze of country roads it is again.
My cable modem is acting up and tossed my last post, which I took to be divine intervention telling me not to post it, so there's nothing in this post that was in that one.
I have to read some briefs later...
But right now, ted is taking me out for hotdogs and ice cream! That's the Whee part. that and the KWO bears.
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