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Today I resolved the issue of dealing with people who have bad communication/interpersonal habits of their own, or problems with mine. Basically if they are my friends, take an interest in my life, talk to me on a regular basis, generally don't cause me or my loved ones grief, and are kind of around, I am inclined to either set aside the issue, or discuss it with an eye to resolving it.

However, when they are people who are distant, do not seem to take any interest in my existence, do not talk to me (in some cases this includes completely ignoring me like i am an inanimate piece of furniture when there are only about 5 people in the room!), regularly upset me or people i hold dear, and are rarely or never around, then I feel like it's not worth the time it would take to work anything out.

I am surprised it took me so long to separate the two groups in my mind, given that this is pretty close to what i said to ratherberucking regarding wasting time on people who aren't really one's friends, but I kept feeling like it was unfair if I didn't cut everybody the same break. Yet this little voice in my head kept saying, "Why have special concern for them if they clearly don't care about YOU? You're better than that!" And that's right. Friends who take an actual interest belong in a different box from strangers who are just passing by and don't want to get to know you. (Oh, they may pretend for politeness's sake, but they really don't want you around.)
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