no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Objection, The Witness is Evading the Question

let's see the question was, what do I get out of it?
now that we're past Semantics, Nature, and What It's Not, and I slept on it some though I never get enuf sleep anymore, the answer appeared in a flash. i get...
A different perspective, New ways of looking at things, and Lessons learned.
Some lessons learned are not fun, are pretty awful actually
But when they are on balance happy, or at least useful and Productive if not entirely joyful,
and there is a Reason to Continue,
well, you continue with that person on some level,
things that I will keep.
Maybe some people can learn everything from The One or more likely Some Serial Series,
but that's not me
I doubt very much that one person could cover all the bases and they shouldn't have to.
And serial connections are both inefficient and a contradiction in terms.
As EE's know, you always want the Xmas lights hooked up in parallel so when one blows, they don't all go out! That's basic circuit design...
re the contradiction, One and Only isn't One and Only when it's a series. It just isn't. People pretend. It's a pretendyish world, it is.
setting that aside...
I'm interested in all kinds of stuff and tend to multiplex everything
To some extent because I have limited time,
But also because that's just How I Am
And that's the other part of it
It's called Being MySelf, The Way I Am, not the way someone else wants or expects me to be.
That's the most important thing to me. Being allowed to Be, ME.
To be who I am, and say what I want and need to say,
Always within reason as I am a Reasonable Person,
the caveat being, I decide the limits of what is Reasonable---You Don't!
Though if you are my friend and know me well, I'll probably lend an ear to your thoughts and advice on what You think might be reasonable. doesn't mean I'll follow it but I might.
If you are not my friend, the odds are that you're not my friend partly because we differ on our Values and what we think is Reasonable and Important, so I probably won't give your viewpoint much of any play---no disrespect I just don't agree and am not going to change my mind,
and like I said, the Unconstrained freedom to Be and Speak is what's most important to me, even if some people don't like it. That's tough.

well this was a bit of a ramble but that's the answer as to Why.
hmmm Lafayette Park looks very green today, and I have a popcorn ball...
I hope I get to feed some sqrrls later!!
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