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The Incredible Shrinking Fiendslist!

I've started moving all the inactive journals of people not my good friends, artists who don't add back, communities that I don't participate in much (or want to scale back my participation in), etc. off this journal and on to Elsewhere. I want this journal to be a place for friends, or at least for friendly people who take enough of an interest in my life to comment and answer. I used to like having all kinds of random people and communities on here when I was more in meet-people mode, but now that I meet relatively few people and am cool wit' dat (given that I'm now much busier with work, other projects, and the good people I've already met) I've been finding it more and more bothersome to have to filter out a lot of impersonal journals and heavily trafficked communities. Plus, when somebody isn't going to add back and in some cases I had no intention of encouraging them to add back (a lot of artists and popular journals either have a notice that they don't add back or else their friendslist is already at the max of 750 or whatever), I feel ridiculous knowing that they have access to "friends-only" entries that they're never going to read. It's not that I'm concerned about privacy, like I said they prolly aren't going to read it and these are complete strangers anyway. It's just the principle of the thing. "Friends-only" to me means it is supposed to be for Friends or at least people who act friendly, not just anybody whose paintings might catch my eye.
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