no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

"Most European of American cities" alright

(x-posted to dc_for_experts)

I just passed a topless person - well, OK, they do have a top on but it's a completely see-thru black fishnet bra-top - catching some rays outside the subway. Just sittin' in a chair, gettin' their groove on by the hot dog cart. I couldn't determine the person's gender, but they looked pretty well-developed. I'm sure the student tour groups on their way to the White House got a charge out of it. The group a block ahead of me was all blonde and corn-fed Indiana-looking, in matching pastel tee shirts and hats. I could just picture the field trip moms hissing, "Don't look! I said, don't look! Just keep walking!" and turning the kids' heads away by the chin or the scalp as they marched by.
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