no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Divorce, The Cross Eyed Bear.

Tonight i finally managed to googlefind this site which, if you scroll down, contains kits and/or plans for a DIY house for two DIY mini felt bears. i had forgotten the name of the person who marketed the kits or more likely the name had been changed. you see, these bear house kits were all over the place in the late 80's. every stuffed toy store and dollhouse shoppe that you went into carried the house and the plans and the kits and sometimes the done items. i bought the little rag rug kit and made that for a dollhouse i had at that time. i was always going to get more kits and make up some of the little bears, but i didn't have that much time to go to stores and often they'd be sold out of one kit or another, so it didn't happen.

then one day i was in some fancy toy store and i noticed they had the bear house and kits and it was all marked "closeout sale" and was pretty well picked over. i said something like "oh you have those kits for the bears--do you have any more in stock?" and the clerk said, "oh, they've been discontinued. the couple who puts them out is getting a divorce and they aren't going to be selling them anymore." i felt very sad, not only because i would never have a chance to make up the bear kits now, but because such a stupid thing as a divorce was robbing the world of kits for little rugs and bears and tables and chairs. how could two people be so mad at each other so as not to care about the bears? how could they let such dumb things happen?

years went by and i often wondered about those little bear kits. i thought maybe if i could remember the artist's name, i could track them down on eBay. but i couldn't remember, and i can't find my little rug kit instructions (although i still have the little rug). so every once in a while i would google around on stuff like "mini bear house" and get about two zillion hits, none of which had anything to do with these 80's bear kits. but tonight, the third or fourth link that popped up was that site above. i wonder how long the site has been there; is it new, or have i just been missing it? and i have no idea if that divorce story is true - the site doesn't mention it - but at any rate it is nice to see those little bears from the glory days of 80's toy stores that seem to be mostly out of business now - why, i don't know. i'd think people, in good times and in bad, would always want nice toys.
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