no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

i have all sorts of deep thoughts lurking in my head but this is the best i can do

bcuz i'm insanely tired and have to be up at some ungodly hour. So, I rented "Clerks" because I always wanted to see it. Lord knows I know enuf people who've clerked in convenience stores, gas stations, coffee shops, Blockbusters, u name it. I know what a thankless job it is and how people come home reeking of cheap coffee and how they do almost anything for entertainment and to spite the crazy managers and annoying customers. Soooo I thought this movie would be funny. Guess what? It's not funny! The only mildly funny part is the one guy who hates all the customers and is totally rude. Aside from that, waxpumpkin makes me laugh more with his Giant Eagle stories...even when he's not trying to make me laugh! On top of that, the main character is so completely uninteresting that I can't figure out why any women would ever want to go with him, must be the alcohol. He deserves to work in a convenience store. Plus the whole thing is so badly acted, it's like watching people reciting lines in a high school play. It's movies like that what make me hate Philms and love Documentaries.
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