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Things i like.

i am so totally fifth house. i like midways, tunnels with mist spray, inflatable tents, giant inflatable robot soldiers (even if they were trying to recruit for the military which no one in his or her right mind would want to join at this time), funnel cakes, nachos, t-shirt stands, pretzel dogs, general goofy assed stuff.

i love these stickers:

earlier i had to tell a friend i was upset. which was not fun. i did not love that.

but then i cleaned and organized some things a bit, and i do like that. i dusted my yellow submarine lamp finally, and i really Love that because it reminds me of dear hedgie and equally dear mr. 0 who i hope has a swell time tomorrow night. (yes, i know i am violating my no-namechecking-friends rule. guess what? i like breaking rules. so bite me.)

i like thinking about how some people kind of peer at you when they're analyzing what you just said. i know one that peers like an owl through glasses, and one that peers over the top of glasses. oh the dumb cool little things people do.

i like my new todd rundgren keychain that i posted a pic of in the todd community.

i even liked when my geriatric cat decided to climb my body like a tree and rub his wet nose and mouth slobber all over me to show he loves me, pepe le pew stylee.

it's good to be cared about.

i am now going to sleep and given that it is 3 am i'm sure i'm gonna love that too.
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