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Bunnywith clever banana disguise

Much yayness in my mailbox today! A stack of CDs from the one, the only Todd Tobias, and FINALLY my very own copy of Alex Pardee's Bunnywith: My Book of a Thousand Bunnies. Yeah I know it's been out since 2003 but I was a leetle busy that year, and I don't hang out at Comic Cons (puh-leeze, even MY geekiness has to draw the line somewhere!), so by the time it crossed my radar screen the book was about sold out in the US. Look, I own Michael Gagne's "Insanely Twisted Rabbits" (he's also in Pardee's book as a guest artist) and two volumes of "The Book of Bunny Suicides" so just shaddap. Fortunately a friendly overseas person had a few Bunnywith books left, so now I too can LOL at Bunnywith impalement problem, Bunnywith punishment for his sins, Bunnywith impending lawsuit, and all the rest. I have been fretting rather pointlessly over some career-related BS lately so it's good to laugh and remind myself where my head is at.

Plus the stupormarket was carrying bagel chips again. I think they figured out that nobody wants to buy the awful packaged biscotti they were pushing in place of the bagel chips. I also got scallops and buffalo steaks, and sauteed the scallops for tomorrow's lunch. Don't think I've cooked scallops since about 1988.

I want whatsisname to teach me to use a miter box. "Miter box" always makes me laugh thinking of that joke where Erma Bombeck tells her husband a "miter box" is "a place where miters live." Sounds reasonable to me.
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