no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,


At this time I would also like to congratulate McDonald's for its impressive design of food containers. I admire the way the little dressing cup fits so neatly into my overpriced Waldorf salad bowl (Candied walnuts are the new Bac-0's y'all) and the coffee cup, as always, is a marvel. The lid doesn't leak! The vent has a little reservoir all around it to catch the splashes that spurt up, geyser-like, through the hole! The cup is sturdy styrofoam, can be tilted without the lid spilling, doesn't burn my hand and doesn't require an awful little slippery "java jacket" (Why are those always marked "Do not reuse"? Do they wear out somehow from being around the body of a paper coffee cup for a half-hour?) or the additional purchase of an overpriced travel mug to go on the subway! I don't know how much of this engineering feat was due to the famous McD's Hot Coffee Spill lawsuit, but I imagine some was, so it's good to know lawyers are having a positive effect upon the important things in my life.
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