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Fluff, part 2.

I cannot imagine Broose Springsteen giving two shakes of a rat's fanny whether or not Star*ucks features his new record. (Never mind that I would probably enjoy it more than anything I ever hear in a Star*ucks normally - I try not to go in them and when I do, I almost always have to stick fingers in my ears to avoid the hideous lite jazz or crappy "wimmens music" they feature. The Firehook is SOOOOOOO much better, not only is the bread and coffee about 1 million percent improvement over Star*ucks but they also play RAP in there.) The supposedly "real reason" Star*ucks rejected it (that one of the songs contains lyrics describing anal sex) is hilarious given that the entire clientele of Star*ucks across the nation do not appear to be strangers to anal anything. I mean, if it was Wal-Mart I could see them at least wanting to PRETEND they didn't spend their rainy Tuesday evenings acting out "Deliverance", but Star*ucks people not only do it "Swept Away" stylee, they probably hop on their Wi-Fi's over their soy lattes and post steamy descriptions to each other right there in full view of the baristas. I know Broose's bosses who are no doubt all MBAs and CPAs from the very very best skewels are probably crying in their microbrewskis right now at the loss of marketing placement, but hopefully Da Boss is still too much of a boardwalk boy to fall for that $hite. Meanwhile, I just find it damn sad that a huge portion of America prolly would never listen to a CD (not even Ray "Hey, it's another U.S. holiday so let's trot this geezer out to sing 'America the Beautiful' on TV AGAIN like we do every dang year" Charles!) or read a book if they weren't reminded to do so by Star*ucks, Oprah, or Ken Burns. But hey, if the masses weren't stupid, they wouldn't be called the mAsses!

Anyway, I'll just boycott their coffee again for a couple of months like I did when Tootie the counter girl messed up my order. It won't be a big loss because I actually think their brew tastes like caramelized cow dung, I only go there cuz it's convenient.
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