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Despite being ill and thus woozy on pills, I spent the e'en at the Wonder Stuff show. I'll cop to not knowing Miles Hunt from Miles Davis and not being able to distinguish said band from the approximately 367 other Britpop bands of its era, during which Britpop was not really my bag of chips, but because mileshedgehog has been going on about this guy since I met her, I figured I should go check them out. Both the Wonder Stuff and the local band, Army of Me, that opened were pretty good, unimposing pop, as pop goes. Miles told a long story about hanging out with Joe Strummer and Shane MacGowan and Joe telling him, "You gotta put another record out!" leading to the current record which is about to come out. Then ten minutes later he said that was all a lie. Boo, hiss. I think tonight's show was the emptiest I've ever seen the Black Cat, you coulda shot ducks in there, which was bad for the band but good for me in that I was able to sit at an actual table with my feet up on a chair and because of the sparse crowd, the band didn't go thru the whole dumb ritual of leaving the stage prior to the encore, so they got done quicker. I was, however, annoyed by the club staff who were in such a hurry to get out of there they started doing things like collecting ashtrays and noisily stacking up all the chairs around me while the band was still playing its last two songs.

I also liberated a couple copies of ellaguruzine (the Huber/Deprator edition) at the flyers table. Hopefully someone will read them, actually I think somebody read one and put it back because when I went back downstairs to use the restroom the top one looked read. I hope waxpumpkin can do more issues of that as I have a lot of ideas and **might** have more scratch again sometime, assuming a settlement is reached on the Pens jersey transactional issue. It is fun to do projects with friends or friendlies. It gives everybody something to do and cuts down on the whiny fussage and ill-timed tantra. I have to go to sleep now if I want to wake up in time for 7-11 nachos in the morning, so toodles.
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