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I was when wasn't cool.

here's what I was really going to post about before I got distracted by craigslist whiner:

Why didn't pure prairie league ever record ANY other songs as great as "Amy, Whatchoo Wanna Do?" Or "Amie" if you prefer. i have been in love with that song since high skewel, despite never having dated any Amys or Amies or any variation thereof.

i also heard live broose doing "Sherry Darling" in the car. hey kids if you want to know what the 70's were like, just listen to the lyrics to "Sherry Darling". that about sums up the story of every drunken 70's no-hoper on the block. except i don't think there was any pot in the song? if it was the 70's, trust me there was pot lurking somewhere. blahhhh.
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