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Date: 2005-05-03, 2:17PM EDT

I'm the Chappaqua blonde, grey eyes, great smile and skin, 115, who was looking for a married man, 40-45, reasonably fit, must send pic etc etc.

I found my guy - the exact guy, in fact, that I was looking for from the outset: my philandering husband. To the other 250+ married creeps who replied over the last two days - you should all pray your wives don't catch you out like this. Its so easy and obvious .. one doubts your collective intelligence. BTW, the 'meeting' at Starbucks in Greenwich never happened. I thought it made for good 'realism' though.


We won't be meeting next Tuesday at the Yorktown Starbucks. I have moved to my sister's house. "Jenni" who you spoke with on the phone was an actress and probably earned the easiest $500 of her life. My lawyer taped the conversation. My lawyer also has a copy of your response to my ad, and transcipts of our three IM conversations.

To send "Jenni" a pic, including me with my face blacked out, taken at our anniversary party, was utterly unbelievable and underscores the contempt you apparantly have for me.

I've also taken the PC and your other laptop. My lawyer will have a computer expert check them. I suspect you've done this more than once.

No doubt you think you've been very clever. I suspected something was wrong in February when M****** told me that you and C****** had been talking about internet "dating" at the club. C****** told M****** that you seemed very knowledgeable about it and that you had mentioned Craig's List casuals several times.

I'm not heartbroken now. That was yesterday. You've lost a wife who adored you. Faith is a two way deal and you blew it. You are an a-hole and a complete shit.

I've left a print out of this on the kitchen counter although I suspect you'll probably read this online before you get home, when you next check out the casuals.

I have had somebody remove and destroy our bed. When you get home you can sleep in the guest room. I have cancelled our dinner with J* and P**** Friday night. I have told my parents that we are divorcing and why. You should speak to your father. You should understand that as a consequence of your actions you will cause great sadness and heartbreak to a good man who has shown me nothing but affection, and whom I love dearly.

I've put all the jewelry, and the wedding ring you gave me, into the storm drain at the end of the road. I've sent your mother's rings back to you father by recorded delivery. I didn't enclose a note - you can explain to him.

I have an appointment for a full STD check this afternoon. If I have the merest hint of any infection, I will send copies of your email, the IM chat and the pic you sent, to all our friends, your family and your work colleagues. Believe me, you will understand the meaning of the saying "revenge is a dish best served cold". I suggest you say a prayer that you haven't given me anything.

I'll see you in court. Don't call me - if you do, my lawyer will get a protection order against you.


this is in or around Westchester

no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Doesn't New York have no-fault divorce like everyplace else? Or is this all about the Benjamins?

Does she think the guy's employers, friends and so forth really give two hoots down a holler hole about what he does in his spare time? Except to feel sorry for him that he would marry someone who thinks it's OK to mass-email acquaintances about their private life together?

Is this twit too stupid to know her guy was looking around and get proof without having to blow $500 on an "actress"?

What sort of a dumbass puts perfectly good jewelry down a storm drain? Destroying valuable property in a snit is not only incredibly babyish, but is also the type of behavior most likely to bring the wrath of the law on the destroyer's head. Forget what you read in Waiting to Exhale. That is fiction, honey.

Finally, why do I have a sneaky feeling the whole post is a big, fat fake-a-rooni?

I don't like liars, but I don't like victim drama either. If you don't like the behavior of who you're with, or you made a bad choice for you, then you can very easily dispose of them without all this overblown folderol. And if I had a spouse like the one who purportedly made this post, I'd probably "cheat" on 'em too (but I'd steal the jewelry back first) :P
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