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I've seen better days (and the bottom drops out)

I am having the WORST luck with shows this past month. First I miss 9 Shocks because I don't find out they're playing B-more until about halfway through the show which I was not at. (FN1. Actually I should probably give those guys a point for even bothering to post online abt the show at all, let alone late. FN2. Note to self: walk down to the friggin' corner of your block and get the B-more paper and READ IT and you won't have these problems.)

Then tonight I decided to go see this band from way out of state who are friends of a friend of a person I work with and played a show with my other friends. Normally I go to shows straight from work on weekdays, the result being that I am always there ass-early. But this ONE time, because I forgot my cell fone and would have trouble calling for my ride when the show went past train time as they always do, I decided to go home and have us drive back downtown. Sooooo I go through all that and we even find a parking place with zero trouble because the sold-out Erasure show at the nearby 9:30 has been suddenly postponed, so you could hold a bowling tournament down the empty middle of V St. (I must be living under a rock because I didn't know anyone cared enough about Erasure after all these years to sell out one night at that barn, let alone two.) So we get to the club door at like 9:21 pm and find out the out-of-state band ALREADY PLAYED. WTF?! When I see "8 pm show" and four bands on the bill, I assume that the show will not start till 8:20 minimum and furthermore that the first band will be some shite local act. NOBODY from out of state goes on at freakin' 8:30! I could have come over from work and still been done in time to take the train home!! Fortunately, i just listened to the other three mp3s on said band's website and um they kinda suck compared to the first one which was like a B+ sooo I don't feel too bad. Ah well, maybe I'll have some better luck with Hedgie's friend Miles when he shows up later this week.

Anyway, at least riding around with Ted is phun. When jerks pass us on the right on the hwy, we sing the Batman theme, only instead of the word "Batman" we sing "Asshole". "Nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh NUH!! ASSHOLE!!" Also when we go by the KFC on New York Avenue, the one where the manager was just arrested last week for being the serial arsonist who's been setting like 50 fires all over DC and Virginia, Ted goes, "Ah'd lak a nahn-piece crispy an' a Molotov cocktail wit' dat please." Et cetera. We also went to the grocery store so at least I have food for tomorrow, and I finally had like 15 uninterrupted minutes to make a fone call I've been meaning to make on the way home, so the evening wasn't a total loss. Besides, any out-of-state band that plays their over-21 show at 8:30 pm unless they're either opening for a name act or there's an entire second show later is too stupid to have me as a fan.
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