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The End of an Era

This morning I finally unsubbed from Postal Blowfish. For all I've complained about certain people on Postal Blowfish (by no means the entire lot), it wasn't because of any of them. Nope, I just hadn't read it very much in months. And also, the person I was when I was active on Postal Blowfish - that was a different me, who I don't want to be anymore. Maybe like shoes that fit once, oh they pinched a little but they fit and they looked OK, but then they eventually start to fall apart and you realize they never really suited ya.

Perhaps leaving a music list that several of my good friends already abandoned years ago shouldn't be a big deal. Then again, I'm not big on "shoulds" and I did have some good times on there. It's just time to travel on.

I'm thinking of how Alan used to sing "Not Our Time" and I always thought of that as meaning "not right now, but maybe some time in the future it will be." Now I'm thinking of it more like this is not our time, because our time has passed. If you believe in time as a continuum or Moebiusstrip, then perhaps it will come again...then again perhaps not. Either way, time goes on and that's OK. It's easier for me to think this way then to think in terms of an ending.

I am more (full of?) myself lately than I have been in years. It's not been easy. But it feels good.
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