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Dope springs eternal.

I've acquired some new HeilJae fiends over the last few weeks. This seems like a good thing so far, knock wood, although I'm a lot more cautious about adding people than I used to be.

Also, no less than three (3) people I've "met" recently on the I-net have gone out of their way by volunteering to send me cool CDs and similar stuff. I'm touched, and not just in the head.

I wonder why it is that some people just give without seeming to want anything back (although I'm always inclined to give them something in return, even if it's just undying effluvious praise and My Official Nice Person Stamp of Approval), and other people just seem to be takers. There are people to whom I gave and gave and never got a damn thing back except a whole lot of guff. You get the feeling some of them are never satisfied. They could hit the lottery, make the cover of Time and win an Oscar all in the same swell week, and they'd STILL find something to yell at somebody else about. That disturbs me, a lot. Part of being a success is being freaking Graceful and Grateful about it, and not going out of your way to stomp on other people just because they didn't bow down as you passed by. It's not like everybody doesn't have to work and struggle, no one is special --- but some people obviously feel like they should be treated as if they were. And surprise surprise, when they're among the ones who give back the least.
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