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There are repairmen in my house putting in the new furnace. Strange Hamsters in my Habitrail. I feel weirdly violated.

BZZZT! ZZZZZZZZ! :: angry hamster hissing, Get out! Go away! ::

I love the way people who've never been through something feel comfortable telling somebody else who Has been through it that it's Time to Get Over It Now. As long as you don't use Whateveritis as an excuse to act like a dick to me or others, I do not care if you never "get over" Whateveritis.

Loving someone else without needing to own them, exclusively possess them, or question their private life (except when circumstances absolutely warrant your being genuinely worried about their well-being) is the greatest gift you can give. Of course, if somebody abuses the privilege (like suddenly not talking to you for three weeks because they got a GF when previously they talked to you every day and said all kinds of tripe) I fully support a profound and complete booting of their ass out of your (or my) life. And if I wasn't bound to uphold the laws, which include anti-battery statutes, I'd also support slapping their face repeatedly until they saw stars and their nose bled. This is why, when you tick me off that much, we're both better off with you out of my sight, because I don't enjoy having to fight with myself to keep from expressing the rage that I feel. It's tiring and hard on my stomach.

OooOOOoOOo000 she said RAGE! Mommy, I'm scared. Quick, let's hide under the bed!

*eye rolls*

I'm in a bit of a bad mud today because I had that dream again where I register for about 5 classes, at a college this time (sometimes it's a high school), don't study for any of 'em and only bother going to lectures for like, one of 'em, even though in the dream I am somehow insanely busy All The Time. I suspect this stems from the last year I actually spent in school where the above verges perilously close to what I remember about my own burned-out, emotionally teetering existence. When I wake up from such dreams, I literally have to spend several minutes reminding myself that school is OVER, that I graduated, that I have a job now and I do not need to go to school any more, and that I never have to go back to school again if I don't want to. It takes me at least five minutes to convince myself, every time.
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