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I was going to make this a part of a larger post, but upon reflection I decided it was important enough to get posted on its own.

i'm really glad deadwood is either being cut or drifting out of my life. i'm afraid that someone will think that by repeating that so many times, i'm trying to convince myself. maybe in a tiny way that's correct as i'm always sad to see people go when i had hopes of them becoming actual friends of mine, but in the vast major overarching way, Happy is how i really feel. mostly i'm sorry such deadwood was ever in my life at all, like some piece of furniture that doesn't fit in your house and you spend too much time worrying over how to MAKE it fit when you ought to just dump it off at the goodwill straightaway--you feel much better when you do. being human means you're gonna buy the wrong table sometimes, and you're gonna talk to the wrong person sometimes too, can't be helped
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