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church post

i have now made it to church three weeks in a row and yeah, i'm happy about it. it's like keeping up an exercise program or making it to the gym three weeks in a row. except it's exercise for your spiritual muscle. i think the ded pope is giving me a push, 'cuz i asked him to.

i'll confess to being kinda glad father ____ retires in a few weeks. he's not a bad guy or a bad priest, and i know how hard it is to get a decent new priest these days. for all i know they'll have to ship one in from asia (everything gets manufactured in asia lately). i just feel like i need a fresh start. i used to worry too much about not being like all the other catholics. well, i've finally accepted the fact that i'm NOT like the other catholics, never was, never will be. in many ways, i'm not like Most other people and you know what, i wouldn't be happy if i was. however, in certain important Key ways i'm Just like the other catholics and like other people in general. i have feelings, sometimes i worry, sometimes i hurt, get sick, get old (or my loved ones do), have job problems, lose my loved ones to death, or just lose them to life for no good reason, eventually i face death myself. these things are universal and they're really the main reasons i go to church, so poo on the rest of it.
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