no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Winter and its discontents.

Fun presentation today by the general counsel of Mad magazine. Among other things, he mentioned this case, which I missed when it came out due to its being a state, not federal, case and having come down right in the middle of some personal crap and me with no Westlaw.

Winter v. DC Comics

He showed some pics of the comic books and I found some more online here. What a riot, I gotta lay hands on these (and due to the outcome of the suit, they're still pretty damn cheap).

Also heard from the lawyer who represented Woody Guthrie's estate against in the Bush-Kerry "This Land" video suit. He said if you ever want to get lots of spam and hate mail reading "This is why I hate lawyers!" and "Get a life!" just have your cease and desist letter published on the EFF website. Considering that he kinda lost the suit (ok, ok, it was "ripe for settlement" hehe) I thought it was cool that he could joke about it.
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