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I DL'ed "Essence" off slsk 2nite because for some reason, this song both fascinates me and makes me want to belly laugh my head off. "Bay-beeh, suhweet bay-beeh, whispah mah name...shoot your love into my vein" BWAHAHAHHA

It sounds so much like some absolute piece of kitsch I would have related to either (a) when I was 19-20 and having Drahmahtic Ahngst or (b) when I was really drunk. plus, the vocal sounds to me like some chick who's been hanging around tha club for wayyyyyyy too many hours chain smokin' and drinkin' and generally gettin' friggin' wasted out of her skull on whodahellknowswhat and can barely walk straight much less sing. When she gets to the line, "I am waiting - in my car, I am waiting - at this bar" besides the fact that it sounds like a screwy parody of Cat in the Hat, I just wanna yell out, "YEAH, NO DIGGITY! WELL HEY, DON'T PASS OUT ON YOUR WAY TO THE RESTROOM!"

I know I prolly shouldn't be laughing at this Great Sensitive Work. I heard from somebody who supposedly knows somebody in LoosEnda's band that she suffers from that disease endemic to Sensitive Songwriters, Cwippling Depwession of a Sort. Have no idea if it's true or not. Anyway I suspect it's my 20-year-old self I'm laughing at out loud, just like the little bitty sane nugget of me in the back of my head was laughing back then and making Mama Cass wisecracks while Emo Me (who nowadays is mercifully mostly confined to her coffin, where she belongs) yelled, "IT'S NOT FUNNY!"

The last verse of the song is the funniest. I'm gonna play it again so I can laugh some more. Oh man!
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