no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

what makes a man start fires?

It looks like I won't be going back to glass class until June at the earliest because the Friday class I kind of wanted to take wouldn't really fit into my schedule - it's right in the middle of my workday and we have too much work and other stuff going on right now for me to be taking half of every Friday off for six weeks - and the weekend class I was going to take in May conflicts with something else I had planned for that weekend. Oh, fahrvergnugen. I'm really frustrated because I did so want to keep going on that. Never mind that I've been working on the same simple non-glass jewelry piece for about a month and a half now because my first design plan didn't come out too well and I haven't had the energy left from work to deal much with design #2. Yet. I WILL GET TO IT. Right now I am dealing with planning a 30-person annual fancy dinner (at least I don't have to cook it but I do have to dicker with the restaurant) and endorsements for an award nomination, as well as an upcoming family event, and then there are all the little things like laundry and food and church and (hopefully soon) exercise.

If I didn't seriously think I would blow a wall out of the house I'd just buy a damn propane torch and have at it. But common sense, and the wonderful view I've been getting of the next door neighbor's house wall that's all bashed out and boarded up as a result of HIS house fire, is telling me otherwise. (I think Neighbor is planning to replace said wall with a picture window so I'll probably be seeing more of him and his family than I ever wanted to get to know. ) My problem is always that I want to do so many things and none of them half-assed and it used to be that I didn't have enough money in the bank or ability/confidence to learn or find places to do these I have more money and confidence but less time and more stuff competing for a piece of it. If I'd come from a rich family and didn't have to work, I would still be as busy as I am now and find ways to fill in all the time. Working on stuff is the main thing that makes me feel better in life, like a little beaver. (Beavers also mate for life and I'm guessing that's because when you have a lot of trees to gnaw and dams and lodges to construct, you don't have a hella lot of time to be checking out different beavers and socializing and whatever it is beavers do before they get hitched.)

Well, at least the general jewelry class starts up again end of May so I can go ahead and register for that and probably find some glass classes in June when things historically slow down a bit at work due to people going on vacations and conferences and the like. Just keep pegging away like the Scots and German farmers did, it eventually all ends up getting done even if it's slooooow.

Speaking of pegging away, I have been wailing on the downstairs and it's starting to actually look like a living room again instead of a combination shipping dock/rummage sale as painted by Bosch. Plus I found my copy of Watt's "Spiels of a Minuteman" which I love because Watt wrote it and it's in French as well as English - as I have been telling myself for three years, I AM going back to French class too, it's just a matter of developing my juggling skills to manage yet another ball - anyway "Spiels" was under this dresser that I could SWEAR I looked under four or five times previously when I was beating the bushes trying to find this book - I was pretty sure it fell behind the couch or under the dresser next to it - But for some reason I never spotted it till tonight. I think I'm gonna find my way back to the Wattlist that I kinda got away from when I had to change jobs, and go to a few more Watt shows and ask him to sign this book. Watt's one of the few musicians I respect enough that I'd make a fanly request like that and I'm pretty sure he'd honor it too. I forgive him for complaining about my friend's Boston T-shirt and anyway we heard that secondhand from a source that tends to be less than reliable and more than hyper about such things and besides, Watt's been through enough that if he acts curmudgeonly once in a while ya can't really blame him.
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