no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

gherkins and jam butties

Holy sno-cones down your tights, Batman, it's COLD outside. This is the second night it's gotten into what feels like the 30s. We still have no heat in the house. Unlike Easter weekend, it wasn't too cold during the day, but now that the sun has gone down, my hands are literally starting to turn blue as I sit here and type.

We also had gale-force winds today. Which didn't do much for the temperature. We get those a few times every year. I thought wires were going to come down this time. Luckily I caught the trash cans trying to escape again ("I'm sick of hanging around all this trash, buddy. Let's roll! We ain't like that square can over there. We can GO places!") and made them eat cinderblocks before they got out of the drive.

Last night I caught a third Large Adult Cat, namely Jasper, my huge fluffy 20+ lbs tom, trying to jam in with the two that were already jammed into a 1.5-foot-by-1-foot box, one of whom was Jasper's sister who is also huge, fluffy and 20+ lbs. Jasper kind of got in on TOP of the other two cats, and they let him. It looked like some cat version of college guys trying to fit in a fone booth. They must have been cold.

I put a grubby pillow that needs to be laundered on the floor for the night to see if any cats would enjoy napping on it, so the two that normally Jam in the Box are now Jammed on the Pillow. They are not related and never acted too friendly in the past, but now I guess they have discovered the joys of sleeping together, platonically as they have both been fixed for years.

I wonder where the bunnies that hang out in my yard go when it gets cold?
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