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Art shaped box.

today I received in the mail the three little boxen I got from Brad Schwass at the Minimatics art show where everything was 2 inches cubed or less. he won a prize for an exhibit of 100 little numbered wooden boxes with sliding foggy plexi tops which the viewer was invited to play with and stack. needless to say that was an offer i couldn't refuse, especially since i wanted to look for my favorite box numbers and see if their physical embodiments lived up to the hype. so you had a few minutes of me looking like a middle-aged idiot on a business trip who made a side trip to an art school to play with blocks. whatever. you could sign up to buy particular numbers of box. i bought (L to R) 55, 19 and 77 as none of those were taken and they were pretty cheap. viewers were also invited to make art by adding something to the box, so i put something in each of the three boxes i picked: in one i put a little orange plastic piece off a toy that i found in the street, in another i put a bunch of apple seeds i'd picked out of my brunch (i almost always save apple seeds. don't ask) and in the third i put a slightly used napkin. i was curious to see if all the things i put would still be there when the exhibit closed and the boxes arrived in the mail. today when i opened the boxes, sure enough one contained the orange plastic piece (carefully wrapped for transit) and one contained the apple seeds (with the whole box wrapped in newspaper so they wouldn't get lost) but the third did not contain the slightly used napkin. i guess that wasn't artistic enough, or maybe the artist thought someone had messed with his exhibit and his buyer would not be pleased to find a used napkin in her art. (*shrug* look, i found someone else's used kleenex in a box of hundred-dollar pajamas from ben silver's once, but that's another story.)

i guess the idea of the leetle empty boxes is that we make art by filling them with something. that's a nice thought but what about the concept of them staying empty? reminds me of when i was like 11 or 12 and my mom bought me a blank book with a cover at the bookstore for Xmas. this was before everybody and his kid brother bought blank books for diaries, i don't think any of us had ever seen a completely blank, unlined, un-diary-spaced totally blank professionally bound book before. She said, "Here, you like books so much, I got you a book for Christmas!" And I opened it up and it was totally and completely blank of course. Not even lines or numbers on the pages. It had a cover on it proclaiming it "The NOTHING Book - Write Your Own Book!!" So of course I was going to write in it. I liked to write and was always filling up notebooks and pads and stuff and to me, the logical thing to do with an empty book would be to Fill it with something. Otherwise what was the point? My mom said, "No! Don't write in it!!" And I was like, "Why? That's what it's for! To write in! It says 'Write your own book!' " And she said, "That'll spoil the fun! It's supposed to be a NOTHING Book! A book with Nothing in it! You can write in it if you want, but if you write in it, it won't be a NOTHING Book any more." I stared at her incomprehensibly, as I did from time to time when she blew my Libra logic fuses, while she sat there chuckling at the idea of a Book About Nothing. I couldn't for the life of me see what was so great or funny about that, but I didn't write in the book because a Nothing book did seem, on some inchoate level, like an intriguing concept. It's still around my mom's house somewhere, empty. (Many years later they made my mother's Nothing Book into a TV show and called it Seinfeld and once again everyone laughed except me. )
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