no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Cat box.

Because I do most of my shopping via mail order or eBay, we get a lot of boxes at our house, most of which get used to hold the recyclable paper trash and put out for the garbageman, but a few months ago I decided to hold back one and give it to the cats. They already had a basket to hang out in, but since they were getting into fights over who got the basket, I thought maybe they'd like a second option.

The box was wildly popular. Babe will not get out of it, and if there's another cat in it he'll get in on TOP of said cat, sometimes provoking loud hissy fits, not that he cares. (Although he's not thrilled when he's in the box alone and another cat pulls the same trick with him.)

After a couple months of watching them fight over the box, I decided to add a second box. Nobody wanted to sit in Box #2 for about three weeks. Then suddenly it also became rather interesting and rarely went unoccupied after that.

This weekend I brought up a third box with the intent of filling it with recyclable newspapers, which I would dispose into said box as I read them. I got the box about half full before I had to go do something else. Of course, by the next day it also contained cats lounging on the newspapers.

Right now I have all three boxes set up in a semicircle and there's one or two cats in each, all sort of dozing and looking at each other, with an occasional growl or yow emanating as cats shift positions or get in and out of the boxen. I wish people were as easy to please, furniture-wise.
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