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I just got home and sat out in the driveway to listen to the tail end of some Classical Movement of Something and nearly dozed off in the car. The neighbor kid came stomping up the stairs with his date and woke me up. They said Hello in a weird tone of voice. They probly think I'm one of those People Who Listen To Classical Music. Actually I never used to listen to classical music because I didn't want to be One of Those People. Where I came from, the folks who make a big deal about going out to the symphony are a bunch of rich professional snobs who mostly seem to be interested in showing off how snobby and Better than everybody else they are. I always swore I'd never be like that, never sit around and listen to that stuff. Then I went to Oxford and spent three months going to classical music concerts in old churches, cathedrals, symphony halls, random buildings and out in the middle of grassy knolls, mostly wearing baggy pants and ugly shorts and t-shirts, and I loved every freaking minute of it except I still hate flutes and violins, as always. Europeans have the right attitude towards classical music. They ENJOY it. It's not all about parading around Shaker Heights or Beck Center done up like Mrs. Astor's pet horse.

So the upshot is I guess I'll eventually end up looking like your average middle-aged yuppie sap with a Bose wave radio, except if somebody calls me a snob I'll throw it at 'em.

After I finally made it out of the car, I wombled groggily around the driveway for a few minutes looking at the full moon and Venus and some other star. The neighbors probably think I'm nuts. I don't care, it was purty.
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