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I woke up on Good Friday/ And I couldn't believe I was still me

things to do on Good Friday:
- quote petkovic's lyrics (of course)
- eat the tuna fish i so thoughtfully remembered to buy
- go to work

Good Friday is always kind of a tough day for me. the idea of all jesus's friends running off and leaving him to get killed always makes me feel kinda sad. i mean, how universal of a concept of woe can you get?

I also think of that one time, years ago now, when I spent Good Friday in Alexandria and had a nice day with my friend (who i'm married to now but we were good friends then). I had almost no days off from work back then, and was having a lot of personal problems adjusting to living down here, And it meant a lot to me to have a good day out with a friend. it was really nice. and then when i got home my mom called me and got upset because I hadn't been to church and kinda blamed it on ted because he's not a catholic, although it really wasn't his fault at all. now i know that mom meant well, and that she was kinda having an off day and in one of her moms-get-weird modes, and I even understand about the non-catholic-guy thing...(he never did become a catholic and it's come up over the years from time to time and been a bit of a contentious issue, but catholic or not, ted is still the best and most trustworthy guy I ever knew, a very good, responsible person, pretty patient with me and my weirditudinousity and crazy work skeds, and probably the only guy I could feel OK about legally marrying. besides, modern presbyterianism ain't so bad. one of my mom's super-good friends was this female pro-gay presbyterian minister...but i digress)

it just seemed like another swell example of how well-meaning people twist catholicism into this giant guilt trip where you never do anything right and constantly beat yourself up. trust me, in those days i didn't need ANY more encouragement to dislike myself.

thinking about that makes me really glad i pretty much have to work tomorrow. it's safer that way.
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