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I'm putting this in my own journal where it belongs.

From time to time, friends of mine have some sort of personal crisis involving their "partners" Lying or "Cheating". This is an area that I have not had much to do with for about the last 20 years seeing as how that was the last time I was ever genuinely concerned about it. The reason being not so much that I found perfect people, but that I could usually reasonably hypothesize by about the second week I knew the person whether he had zero other GFs, three other GFs, or 500 other GFs, and if whatever the magic number was truly bothered me (which it usually didn't - I'm weird like that) then I didn't pursue anything with said person. Therefore, having once chosen to Pursue, I never concerned myself too much with whatever story was coming out of his mouth because I expected it to be stupid anyway.

But anyway, this entry isn't about that. This entry is about this: Every time some woman on here posts a vent about how some guy is making her unhappy with his lying, cheating, ill-treatment, some dude chimes in about how "All men aren't like that and I personally am NOT like that and have never treated any woman that way yadayadayada." Like he deserves a gold medal or something. I've seen this on at least two different people's entries in the past month alone.

Because I don't like to start fusses in other people's journals, and get righteously ticked off when someone starts something with me over a comment I intended for the journal owner, I restrain myself from commenting back to these dweebs what I think of them, which is that if they don't lie or cheat, they probably do something ELSE annoying, and that at any rate, nobody wants to hang around with Mister-Perfect-Who's-Always-Screwed-Over any more than they want to get with Miss-Poor-Little-Matchgirl-Victim-of-Evil-Men. I am not dissing the lack of lying, "cheating" and other misbehavior but why advertise it all the time?

Everybody wants to be a victim.
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