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you make love just like a woman

The last three days I've been in bead class making awful lopsided things because I need more practice. here are some of the beads I made:

sorry for the quality of the picture. i'll probably ask the good folks over in jewelrymakers for some tips on how to better closeup-photograph glass beads in the future.

the best one is the second from left as it is nearly symmetric. the two on the right, as you can see, suffer from bad ends and asymmetry. they'll probably end up in some "garbage piece" as they're too pretty to throw away (although give me credit, i did fry a lot of the truly terrible messups before they even made it to the kiln - i brought home a lot of the shards to hopefully put in the bottom of a resin project that's been sitting around waiting for me to address it since oh 1995 or so).

Burned myself twice and cut myself once. I might go back next month as the general jewelry class doesn't start up again till next semester.

The instructor and I agreed that there were a LOT of people going to get way interested in doing this sort of thing now. He said it was because of 9/11, that people were looking for things they could do at home. That is the weirdest reason I ever heard. I don't doubt there are people like that in this world (I'm thinking of that nut on some list who said they were going to run away with their kid and live in a forest and hide - it would have made sense if they'd been living in NYC or DC - but they lived someplace like FREAKING COLORADO already for cornsakes!!! *rolls eyes*). it's just that all the people I know are more like my then-boss who didn't want to evacuate from our office building because he had scheduled a meeting, and my other then-bosses who were on a plane to England by the end of the week because they had to take depositions over there. and that was just the lawyers. i can imagine what the engineers were up to, given that when Chernobyl happened somebody turned on NPR and started charting the progress of the toxic cloud on a wall map, accompanied by many Pythonesque jokes. the bead instructor told me that he worked a craft show near a military base on 9/11 weekend and a lot of the military wives came out and blew money at the show because they felt it was their patriotic duty to keep spending money in time of attack. Now that's my kind of soldier :) I'm glad we went to NYC that weekend and did the same.

But anyway, I thought this crafty crap was on the rise because of all the middle-aged or about-to-be wimmens out there seeking some kind of Meaning! and Porpoise! and Way-to-stay-off-the-pill-bottle!! You see that every ten years or so, these whole blobs of generations-lost-in-space that suddenly need to find something to do because whatever they're Doing isn't cutting it. I don't need any more meanings or porpoises, I'm not recovering from any bad deevorces or deesorders, and I don't hate my career. I do need to use my hands and do stuff I probably should have been doing in the first place except sick daddy/no money/art peepul were a bunch of emotionally screwedup drug addled useless weenies and blahblahBLAH. ok that's enuf 'cuz I'm late for work and also I burnt my typing finger.
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