no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

There is nothin' safe in this world/ And there's nothin' sure in this world

And there's nothin' pure in this world...

this morning i wanted to Get where I was Going on time as I had never Been There, so I spent Too much transportation money getting There Too fast because I didn't want to be late and miss Anything. So to Kill some time I decided to walk around the Neighborhood where I had not Been since early 2000 when I slept over at Jen's whose house I remembered as being the converted slave quarters across from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. (note to self, need to send Jen a card tomorrow as you got her wedding announcement several months ago now...damn i am TOO busy...maybe she'll be happy i remembered sleeping over?) so two quick turns through the very nice sunshiney 'hood and I found the major artery with the Natl Cathedral looming in the distance and a Starf**xs looming more closely so I decided to have breakfast. Unlike many other Starf**xs this was a well-oiled operation, which wasn't surprising given its fancy location and clientele, and as I sat my cappucino and bagel and self down in the window I was thinking how Pleasant it was to hang out in a place such as This even in a Starf**xs And how one has to really be smart and bust ass in life and make All the Right Moves if you wish to occupy space in such an area and partake regularly of such elusive security. At which point I noticed that my window was looking directly out on a very tasteful but unmistakeably large neoned PAWNSHOP offering Payday Advances, which caused me to wonder if the wealthy-to-all-appearances denizens of the area actually utilize such a service (from its size and the cost of its rent, it would appear probable that they do) and if so, what for? To pay off their coke and E dealers? Fund secret abortions? Cover the mortgage when Hubby freezes the joint account and runs off with his trophy chick, or when scandal strikes and you get fired by the (firm, shareholders, President)? Ruminating sesame seeds, I pictured middle-aged ladies hocking diamond engagement rings, preppies from the private school up the road cashing in stolen band equipment and Grandma's heirloom pearls, and other scenarios straight out of Jay McInerney, and reminded myself, as I often do, that security isn't just E-lusive, it's often Ill-lusive as well.

Then when I got up to toss my empty cup and used napkin, I saw this curious bouquet of flowers in front of some plaque in the corner of the shop. I went over to take a closer look and realized that HOLY COW I was Killing Time at the scene of the Starbucks Murders --- I hadn't noticed going in.

I left in a hurry.

Look for something left in this world
Start again
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