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In which Baretta gets acquitted and that makes me happy.

So lots n' lots of people seem to be all siked for SXSW. Hell, I even got a spam from MySpace about it. I won't carp about how a certain band seems to be having what constructively amounts to a 4/5 reunion down there already, when they've only been broke up for three months. *rolls eyes a lot*

I doubt very much I'll ever attend an SXSW, unless my super-duper-close-friends happen to appear at one. A few years ago, I kicked the idea of going around for five minutes. Upon further thought, I decided that (1) I'm not big on the "rock n' roll conventioneering" idea in any way, shape or form, which includes SXSW, CMJ, Rock Hall induction ceremonies, and anything else involving large wandering party hordes; (2) Anyone who thinks it is fun to hang around a thousand rock journalists, unless they are desperately trying to get publicity for themselves, must have a couple of screws loose - I didn't even like MYSELF when I was a rock journo, for crying out loud!!; and (3) Someone like me who gets overwhelmed trying to select from more than three brands of peanut butter at the grocery store really does not belong at an event featuring 1300 bands. It's like Warped Tour to the 12th Dimension Tesseract. So, no thank you. I'll happily stay home, go to work, go to bead class, and dream about a magic place where Paul and Linda are perpetually 35, Jimmy McCullough never ODed, Burton Cummings sings a really cool song called "These Eyes", the cut-out bins at Woolworths are full of Lennon/Nilsson vinyl, and I have yet to meet Dead Dude or Drug Dude or Distant Dude or Disappearing Dude or Dude-who-shall-not-be-named, and Dream is not yet a completely dirty word.
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