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I think I'm gonna buy some new India-Africa-handcrafted-cloth-pants today. I literally wore two pairs out. As in, they had holes in them for a long time, finally they just shredded in the wash and went to pieces. I almost never wear something out to that degree, and I wish I did more often, so I feel good about getting two or three new pairs. I like those pants because they're baggy with drawstrings so they fit and look the same over about a 40-lb weight range. Now that is one intelligent piece of clothing. Why we make our lives so difficult with concepts like sized, tailored pants, I have no idea. That millionaire who invented Bakelite who ended up living on a desert island wearing a loincloth and building his own hut from scratch and having a crazy grandson who had an incestuous relationship with his mom and killed her and then killed his grandma for good measure would agree with me.
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