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The Poodle Never Begs Except For Meaning.

Thursday morning I discovered that the current issue of ABA Journal, which I almost didn't read because the cover story is on med/mal which I consider Planet of the Ick as far as specialties go, contained this hugormous feature on the Supreme Court Institute that I helped Professor Lazarus start almost seven years ago now. Wow, that was the best idea since canned beer, apparently. Then I went out to some Scottish pub restaurant where everybody (including me) was in lawyer or banker drag, and ate a mess of fish and chips. Then I went across the street to the contemporary art center where there was an exhibit of "artists' multiples", otherwise known as the cool objects, books and zines that artists make a whole bunch of to sell to people as an alternative to their dropping five grand on some big OOAK work. I love objects and 'zines, which I consider to be toys for thoughtful grown-ups, way more than big snobby paintings so that was fun even though the museum was overheated. Lots of good ol' Yoko Ono and Throbbing Gristle and Annie Sprinkle stuff. And some pretty familiar works by Jenny Holzer and that Chinese guy who did that "Missing Bamboo" postcard and panda that I've seen in like two or three museums now (he needs to sell copies of the postcard). Then I went upstairs where there were a bunch of art students in art student drag putting together an installation. I thought it was funny that the creative people all had a "uniform" as much as the bankers and lawyers at the pub. For just one day, all the art students should wear blue suits and power ties, and the lawyers should all go to court in ripped t-shirts, hemp necklaces, emo glasses and Brian Straw hair.

Oh, I forgot to mention that upstairs there was also an eight-foot-tall metal and plastic robotic tree in a pond that waved its limbs and peed on itself. Of course, since this is actually pretty interesting to look at, the museum has completely neglected to post any pictures of it online or put it on a postcard or anything, so you'll just have to imagine it from my description. Fortunately, the artist has a homepage for said tree. It even has a video. Click here to see tree

Friday I bribed some cabdriver to take me way the hell out to the art academy for the annual Minumental show where everything is 2 inches square or less. I wish more people made art on that scale. Making a great big piece of art is like making a double album, very few people are able to creatively utilize that much space in an interesting manner throughout. Plus the size of a Really Big Work makes it that much less accessible. I'm a big believer in accessible. After that I went back downtown and had some fancy tea and split. If I didn't want to end this post on a positive note, I could bitch about the stupid blonde trash bimbette working security and how she practically disemboweled my bag because it had scary metal objects like *gasp* CHANGE! and a ROSARY! and HOLY CARDS!! and a POCKET SHRINE!! and ALTOIDS!!! and a KENNETH COLE BRACELET!!! and some buttons of MASS MOVEMENT OF THE MOTH!! in it! Horrors! I am a Menace II Society, am I not?
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