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No Pits Please, I Have to Go to Work In the Morning

I had to do something to celebrate Andy Being Freed and all, plus I was gung ho to get out of the office, so I went out to the Warehouse Next Door, the local all-ages Club of the Moment, to see Circle Takes the Square along with Bear and the Butterfly and Moss Movements of the Math, er, I mean Mass Movements of the Moth whose CD I bought and it Looks Like This:

cool, huh? also it has a buzzard on the back which, given that I saw three (3) buzzards this morning hanging around the grassy knoll by the 195 entrance and they're not that common a sight 'round here, was all like karmic or sumpin' dude. All the bands were great, except one girl also played emotive guitar songs like a Wal-mart version of Kristin Hersh and she was boring. Most of the band and audience members looked like Josh, Nik, Derek or Chris, or some combination of those morphed together and fed through the WayBack Machine to get the right old hairdos and shite. there was a big pit that i stayed out of (though i got too much pit of a different sort, see below) and two guys in these neat t-shirts of trees that i had to figure out what band that was so i could get one.

I don't understand why more people don't go to nice loud 'core shows when they're past about age 25 or so. i find a healthy dose of controlled noise knocks the sludge out of me head. Plus, it's good to know that if the whole meritocracy collapses 2morrow, I won't have forgotten how to live this way, although in that event i might have to start taking the "Used Clothes $3" bin seriously.

The only bad thing about this club is (besides the fact that it's funnel-shaped with the funnel being the main center of egress and to make matters worse they put an electric flaming log heater near the door, so if a fire breaks out there better be a back exit or you'll be seeing another Night Club Tragedy story on CNN) that it's non-smoking. Now number one, I don't smoke and never did, and number two, I fully understand the allergic concerns of them that have those. My problem is that when people smoke in a bar, all you smell is smoke. When people do not smoke in a bar, you instead get to smell B.O. Robbins 31 Flavors. Somehow during the course of the evening I ended up downwind of at least five separate people who must have run out of quarters for the laundromat or been too lazy/stoned/depressed to get there. I think next time I'll just pack a bottle of Febreeze and whip it out and spray it in the direction of any Odor Offenders. Why oh why don't they invent a Glade Plug-in that runs off your cell fone battery?
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