no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

i'm cold

this evening i read another story about Drunken Lawyers Getting Help in one of the approximately 603 bar publications that come in the mail. one of them talked about how she was diagnosed with depression, felt increasingly miserable every fall, and improved with regular use of a light box.

hmmmm...i get depressed when it's too sunny out; setting aside holiday and weather stress, i like fall and winter; and i often find myself sitting around waiting for it to get dark because i feel better in the dusk/dark/nighttime than i do in the afternoons. (somewhere between 2:30 and 3 pm always being the most upsetting time of day. i read that jesus died at 3 pm and it made perfect sense to me, 3 pm is just that annoying.)

so what am i supposed to do? do they make such a thing as a Dark Box to beam darkness at me for X number of hours a day? or am i just supposed to Go Elvis and tinfoil my windows shut? or live in a closet? that last sounds cool actually. i wish i had a closet big enough to hang out in and could afford to waste storage space on keeping it empty. i'd paint it fabulous colors, and i'd probably be in it all the time, like a hamster hiding in a toilet paper tube.
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