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ok so after a lot of eleetist hoo ha, i finally broke down and got an (authorized) copy of Bob Pollard's unrelease, "From a Compound Eye." so now i am listening to figure out what all the fuss is about...

is it a good record? yes, reasonably

is it worth listening to? yes, probably

is it the Greatest Record Bob Ever Made? *laughs* no, not by a long's rawther forgettable actually

what does it sound like? well, mostly it sounds like some older guy who grew up in the late 60s and 70s making pseudo-neo-psy-pop songs in his basement studio, sort of like the last couple GBV records

why do people carry on like it's the Second Coming then? honey, i'm sure I just don't know

will you still buy one when it comes out? sure, i promised i would and besides knowing bob it might be a completely different record by then

so bob'll get his money so it doesn't matter what you think. right. benjamins, baby. and if only bitchpork reviewers had to pay for their copies, this would be a just world.
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